Who we are:

Barney Lowe Barney Lowe:  As the Director and GDC registered Technician, he was one of the last in the country to learn the trade as an apprentice in 1996.  Barney is responsible for all the restorative work and utilises his artistic skills and knowledge to ensure our products are of the highest standard. 
Charlotte Lowe Charlotte Lowe: Co-Director of the company, she has worked with Barney since 2006, and together they set up B & C Ceramics in 2010.  She is responsible for the smooth day to day running of the laboratory, including making the models and carrying out the collections and deliveries.

What we do: 

Zirconia  Vita Pressable 
Full Contour Zirconia  Full Metal restorations
Bonded Crowns and Bridges  Bleaching Trays 
Implants  Night Guards 
Composite Inlays/Crowns  Gum shields*

*Choose from a range of colours and styles or design your own

For details of our prices or to discuss any specific needs, please email us on info@bandc_ceramics.co.uk or telephone us on 023 8065 2014.